10 Songs To Help You Cope With the Crypto Market Meltdown

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The cryptocurrency market has been on edge as investors everywhere fear the absolute collapse of the industry. Bitcoin has lost 57% so far this year and 37% in June alone. Last week, BTC fell below the 20K USD mark for the first time since December of 2020. Other major coins, like Ethereum have also suffered huge losses, to spark pandemonium in the market.

According o experts, hackers are the main contributors to the crypto industry’s meltdown, as well as the war between Ukraine and Russia, and the negative economic after-effect of the covid-19 pandemic which has dampened trust and confidence among investors.

Conventional stock markets have also recorded huge lows since the turn of the year, and America might even slip into a recession by next year. That’s a lot, right?

If you’re one of those people passing through a difficult time because of the crypto market meltdown, we hope you find the strength to overcome. And we’ve curated these 10 songs to help you cope with the situation. Enjoy.

#1 Travie McCoy ft. Bruno Mars — Billionaire

Remember why you became an investor in the first place? Refocus that vibrant energy you once had into something or somewhere else. Who knows? You could still make it to Forbes.

#2 Asa — Fire on the Mountain

Self-awareness is one of the key ingredients of genuine and total healing. Things are not looking great, you must accept that.

#3 Kenny Rogers — The Gambler

Are you that hardheaded investor who’s rest assured in the ‘what goes up must come down’ theory of stock markets? A wise old man once said, “know when to fold.” May the force be with you.

#4 Queen – The Show Must Go On

Times are hard but, there’s equally no time to dwell on negativity. The world won’t stop for no one and sulking won’t solve any problems. Always remember that.

#5 Gym Class Heroes ft. Ryan Tedder — The Fighter

Who’s going to overcome? You or the meltdown? Take that s**t to the ring and kick its a**.

#6 Brian and Jenn Johnson — You’re Gonna Be Okay

Can’t say it loud enough; ‘you’re gonna be okay.” You just have to believe.

#7 Linkin Park — Numb

Just because there’s never a bad time to listen to “Numb” by Linkin Park.

#8 Destiny’s Child — Survivor

Think about all the times you passed through more difficult problems than money unscathed. Yep, that’s because your super power is ‘surviving.’ You destiny child.

#9 Shooting Star — Owl City

Once in a while, there comes our shooting star and all we have to do is make a wish, and believe. Be ready, don’t miss your next big opportunity.

#10 It Is Well with My Soul

Perhaps out of context, but finally, it is well with your soul.

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