14 Little Things to Do to Get to Where You Want to Be in Life

Keep reading to discover the 14 little things you can do to get to where you want to be in life.

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Life’s journey is like tiny packets of energy put together to form a light wave. Most people crave success and fulfilment but fail to understand that genuine success is a consequence of good habits, decisions, massive showing of great character and tenacity.

These 14 tiny packets of energy, just like light waves, will help you travel as far as you want in life.


1. Establish FRIENDSHIPS with different types of people. Don’t remain in a cocoon by associating with only people the same as you.

2. READ, the value of reading can never be overemphasized. One good book, story can change the way you think and live forever.

3. Be CURIOUS, even about your decisions and choices. If you’re too insecure to do this, you find yourself unmotivated, unambitious and you risk stagnating.

5. Learn how to cook. COOKING is a life skill.

6. Learn how to BUDGET your money.  It makes you feel more responsible and liberated.

7. SAVE money every month, no matter how small. You’d be amazed at how much you’ve accrued in time to come.

8. Start a side hustle for the sole purpose of SAVING. It may be overwhelming at times but you’ll always be motivated by the financial security that comes with it.

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9. Train your mind to withstand PAIN that is healthy, maybe from a workout routine or from depriving yourself unhealthy foods that you love to consume.

10. Always ADMIT your MISTAKES, it gives you great sense of responsibility and leaves with a better chance of failure-fixing and first-hand learning.

11. If you commit to nothing else, commit to a DAILY ROUTINE that consists of actions that, over time, will lead you to where you want to be.

12. Be DELIBERATE. Date intentionally. Work intentionally. Don’t let your life be the result of outside influence that starts off sweet but morphs into something futile on the long run.

13. Take yourself as seriously as you want the world to and behave accordingly.

14. There is no SHAME in FAILURE and as long as you’ve got LIFE, you’ve got HOPE. Never be too scared or let your emotions get in the way of your starting-all-over.  

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