2023 Elections: Why You Should Do Your PVC Registration, and Be Ready to “Use” It

PVC registration

Have you done your PVC registration? Are you up to 18 and have not registered for the PVC? Time is running out.

The 2023 general elections is closer than most people think. We’re into the thick of the procedure now with one of the very crucial steps being voter or PVC registration. PVC registration is the first step in enfranchisement or freedom from political oppression and manipulation. Why? If seriously you wonder why, then you must be informed that in a democratic system of governance like Nigeria’s, the people choose their leaders through elections by means of voting. That voting can only be done with your PVC.

PVC registration is as important as the counting of votes. It enables election organisers–in the case of Nigeria, INEC–citizens, and monitoring committees to know the maximum possible number of votes.

Securing your PVC and preparing for the 2023 general elections is a crucial step in ridding Nigeria of bad governance. But also, that must be backed up with full and active participation in the electoral process. What is full and active participation in the electoral process? Like I already said, that starts from getting your PVC to knowing the contestants; listening to their manifestos, researching their track and accomplishment records, knowing your polling unit, and keeping a watchful eye for malpractices on the day of election.

Register to vote

The importance of voter sensitization and awareness can never be overemphasized. It doesn’t only encourage free and fair elections, but also ensures that citizens are not disenfranchised and political subjugation does not ensue.

Do you understand what that political subjugation entails? Let me break it down for you. Political subjugation is synonymous with tyranny, oppression, conquering by cruelty, and manipulation. These are the terrifying friends of not playing our full part in the electoral process. It’s what we’ve suffered for the most part of our independence.

This means that having your PVC registration is not enough, YOU USE IT, YOU MUST VOTE. I must also tell you about voter apathy and how it aids evil-minded politicians and encourages political subjugation.

Voter apathy is a lack of interest among voters during elections. When there is low interest, there is low turnout. And when there is low turnout, there is high possibility of politicians using the opportunity to manipulate the election results.

For instance, if the mere feeling that your vote may not count because you know that candidate A (who happens to be the flag bearer of the incumbent government) will rig the election and results will be upheld, causes you to lose interest and stay home during elections, in the actual sense you have helped that same candidate A to actualize their political ambition.

However, despite the odds being against your preferred candidate, voting and actively following the election process can increase the chances of the election being free and fair as well as lower the odds for your preferred candidate to emerge as the winner.

When will PVC registration end? If you have not registered for your PVC or Permanent Voter Card, you still have from now until 30th June to do so.

How can I do my PVC registration? To register for your PVC, visit any INEC office around you. Pre-registration online makes it faster and easier.

For those who already have their PVCs, be ready to use it come the 2023 general elections. It’s not a fancy identity card or a bank document or decoration for your wallet. It’s the key to your freedom, and you must believe you can make it work, this time.

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