‘365 Days: This Day’ Might Still Be Pointless, But It’s Marginally Better Than Its Predecessor

365 Days: This Day

It’s easy to forget the 365 Days movies are supposed to be crime thrillers.

The first one was so high in sexual energy, that ubiquitous part of it easily numbed out every other thing the plot might’ve addressed, including the issues of how it glamourized kidnap and borderline sexual assault. 

365 Days: This Day, however, tones down the 18+ content by a wide margin. It looks like all the online chatter condemning the first one somehow got to them. 

The movie actually had a plot! I almost couldn’t believe what my eyes were seeing and my brain interpreted. 

Look away from the bad screenplay and near abysmal acting performances a little and you’d probably see that the story this sequel struggled to tell is (sorta) captivating in its own rights.

Adjudging 365 Days: This Day with its predecessor is easy for me;

365 Days for the steamy sex scenes and zero sense with the plot. I rated it 1/10 upon its release in 2020, that still hasn’t changed.

• 365 Days: This Day for the lackluster, fewer sex scenes and a mafia family story that can be considered cliché yet somewhat appealing. So, I’ll give this double the mark of its predecessor – 2/10.

I know you have plans to see 365 Days: This Day, that’s if you haven’t already. When you return, just don’t say the plot is what drove you to go see it; I know it wasn’t the plot for me, I just got (somewhat) hooked along the way. 

What do you think?

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