4 Gifts Your Partner ‘Can Do Without’ This Valentines

These gift ideas may seem good but we assure you that your partner can do without them this Valentines.

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Flowers, perfumes, fancy trips, you name it, Valentine’s is the perfect time to express how much you love your significant other by sharing gifts. 
While there are so many gift ideas out there, we can assure you that your partner/boo can do without these gifts listed below.

1. Trumpet

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Although your partner might not tell you, they certainly can do without “parapara”. Your presence is enough, there’s no need to have someone screaming “money fall on you” with a trumpet.

2. Throw pillows with pictures

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This is so 2002 and highly overdone. A frame would definitely substitute for having your partner’s face on a pillow. Please let go of this thought!

3. Singlet/Boxers

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“My King, My King” but your Valentines gift idea is underwear? You already know this can be bought every other day. Be creative sis!

4. Sex/Romping

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We are aware its the season of love but this isn’t a gift. You don’t have to preserve yourself till Valentines like trust fund because of “meet and greet”. This can happen every other weekend and you know this!

Did we miss a “gift” your partner can do without? Let us know in the comments.

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