5 Habits To Make You Healthier Than 95% Of Your Peers

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Living healthy is great but intentionally staying healthy practicing the right habits is better. Typically as adults, we are engulfed with working and thoughts of making money, with little time and effort to stay healthy.
Healthy habits do not necessarily mean eating fruits and exercising every minute of the day but rather engaging in lifestyle routines that assist you in living a longer life.

Ahead are 5 habits to make you healthier than your peers

1. Prioritize your sleep

Your sleeping schedule is just as important as your work and deserves to be a priority. Begin with “no work 2 hours before bed” and “No screens 1 hour before bed”.

2. Start every day with 2 glasses of water

The duration of your sleep is a long time to go without any water. Making this a habit reduces the chances of dehydration and sets the tone of drinking water frequently during the day.

3. Get exposure to natural sunlight during the first 3 hours of your day.

This helps regulate your body’s internal clock, making it easier to wake up and fall sleep. Invariably, a better sleep equates better performance. A big shoutout to those with hyperpigmentation, you might need a lot of sunscreen for this.

4. Take a 5-10 minute movement break after every 45-50 minutes of work.

Sitting in a chair for hours in a row is detrimental to your posture, mood and health. Regular movement breaks increase blood flow to the brain and makes you more alert. You could walk, play a bit or dance.

5. Minimize processed foods in your diet

It would be great if you all processed foods could be eliminated but for 99% of people (including myself), this is unsustainable. Instead, implement the 80/20 rule. 80% of high protein and whole foods and 20% of processed foods.

(Whole foods include fish, eggs, rice, fruit, vegetables) (Processed foods include Pizza, ice-cream, bread, chesse)

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