5 Reasons Why Your Girlfriend Should Not Have a Male Best friend

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In recent times, a lot of women have chosen to rather have a bunch of guys as friends than females. These women choose to nurture their relationship with guys because of the assumed negative energy female friendships bring.

Although, opposite sex friendships are great, it sure comes with its perks, and, gets fascinating when the female falls in love with another guy. There’s a hidden battle to become the number one man in her life, which in turn changes the dynamics of her friendship with bestie and eventually affects her romantic relationship.

Here are five reasons why your woman should not have a male best friend:

1. You will never get her undivided attention

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This comes as no surprise as your woman would always try to be there for her male best friend, in times of trouble, celebrating milestones achieved together, and several other activities, thereby having her attention divided. No one wants that.

2. There’s always another shoulder to lean on

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As many say, your boo should be your best friend. But in the instance when your boo already had a bestie before you came into her life, its harder to let go. You’d find her confiding in her extra shoulder to lean on.

3. Your secrets are never safe with her

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We all know, “don’t tell anyone what I told you” does not apply to best friends as they’ll always share secrets. Ranging from personal issues, intimacy and even more, when your girlfriend needs advice on how to translate your behavioral traits. There’s no better man for the job than her best friend.

4. Her best friend probably wants her too

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There’s that male best friend somewhere plotting, praying, fasting and rendering unsolicited advice mainly for things to go sour in your relationship. Absolutely do not recommend.

5. He might out-do you with gifts

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Her male best friend has known her for years and well enough to buy exactly what she wants, while you are only new trying to make an effort. It definitely won’t be easy to suddenly catch up on all the things her male bestie probably used several years to learn. Good luck with this!

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