5 Signs Of Emotional Distance Between You and Your Partner

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Not having fights with your partner doesn’t necessarily mean everything is fine or your relationship is the best. Emotional distance which is a slow relationship killer could have creeped in, making it difficult for partners to communicate, connect, and solve problems within the relationship.

Ahead are five signs of emotional distance between you and your partner.

1. Difficulty Knowing What To Talk About.

Is the conversational energy gradually fizzling out? Are you both beginning to feel more like roommates? Do you both stay in the same space but press your phones because you have nothing new to talk about? Then you both are most likely beginning to be emotionally distant.

2. Minimal or No Playfulness

When last were you goofy with your partner? Have the fun activities reduced drastically or stopped completely? Do you find it difficult to remember the last time you both had a good laugh over a joke or hilarious incidence?

3. Forced or Reduced Physical Affection

You know emotional distance has eaten deep into your relationship when kissing, hugging or cuddling your partner feels weird, obligatory or forced. In extreme cases, you might even feel irritated.

4. Hiding Information From Each Other

The depth of intimacy is measured by the level of vulnerability you both share. The subtle compulsion to hide aspects of your life away from your partner is a sure fire sign that you’ve grown emotionally distant from each other.

5. Indifference During Conflict

Under healthy circumstances, conflict with your partner naturally upsets you and messes with your mood, at least until the issue is resolved. Do you find yourself no longer caring and being simply unbothered about it? If yes, emotional distance has certainly set into your relationship.

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