7 Things You Shouldn’t Say to a Woman During Sex

Sex intended to be fun can go sour when your partner says the wrongest things.

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It is totally normal to be expressive during a love making session in bed. Moaning, compliments and all of those cute things help to heighten the passion, assuring you there’s no moment greater than this, well until your man becomes talkative.
Don’t get me wrong, many women love a vocal man in bed- but only if he’s saying the right things. And while it’s normal to get carried away in the heat of the moment, not everything is acceptable between the sheets.

7 Things You Shouldn’t Say To A Woman During Sex

Here are 7 things you shouldn’t say to a woman during sex.

1. “Whose pus*y is this?”

This is the moment Chukwuma expects you to yell, “it’s yours, do with it as you please”. No please, contrary to what porn sells, women do not like to be asked this. It’s clearly not yours, can we move on now?

2. You are a little dry down there

Yes, that’s true and that little comment just made her drier. A vagina is different from a penis. While you can get an erection at the drop of a hat, we need a little foreplay to make things moist. Use your finger, use your tongue, or use a little lube – do something!

3. Calling out another woman’s name

If this isn’t the worst thing, then I’m not sure what else is. Blurting out the name of an ex or a random woman she doesn’t know about shows your head is clearly somewhere else. And sorry, but no explanation would make sense at this moment.

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4. “Who’s your daddy?”

This is another reference from porn that has made men believe women like to be asked. Although a bunch of women might refer to their partners as “zaddy” in public, she surely knows who her daddy is and it’s surely not you, Yemi.

5. “Did you cum?” “Have you cum?”

If you don’t know whether or not she did, then she most likely did not. Hunting for an orgasm ends up ruining the mood faster than you expect. Dwell on enjoying the moment as making orgasms a big deal, in turn makes it harder to reach.

6. What are you thinking about right now?

Well, she was getting lost in the moment so that this sex could be fun for you both but now you’ve thought it wise to question her thoughts. Bashir, concentrate on what you’re doing, okay?

7. Calling her derogatory names like “slut” or “bitch”

Except your partner is into name calling during steamy sessions, there’s really no need to call her names. There are so many cute names that can be said other than “You f*cking whore, slut”. It’s love making not war please.

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