5 Unconventional Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Tired of the regular money cakes and food trays? Open this thread for unconventional gift ideas for your partner this Valentine.

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It’s almost Valentine’s and you might be lost for choice on what to get for your significant other/partner. Many a time, people are often gifted the regular money cakes, food trays, perfumes, accessories and clothing. While we don’t consider these gift ideas bad, we see them as typical and recurrent.

We say no more to regular gifts and have listed ahead five unconventional gift ideas for your partner this Valentines.

See below:

1. Gallon of Petrol 

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Judging by the present state of Nigeria’s economy, exorbitant price of petrol and the absence of steady light, this is a great idea for a gift. Especially when your better half works remotely, perfecto! 

2. Mattress 

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This is unarguably one of the most underrated and expensive items for a new home. A better idea for a growing home and the best if your partner uses the “student bed” as a bachelor/spinster.

3. Electricity Tokens 

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These are super expensive and a perfect gift for your significant other. Particularly those with multiple electronic appliances in their apartment.

4. Small bag of rice

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Are we going to act like rice isn’t ridiculously pricey now? Imagine taking away the burden from your partner’s shoulders this valentine, no greater feeling!

5. Household appliances

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Your partner might not tell you this but yes, they are in dire need of that household appliance. Be it a microwave, blender, toaster or a gas cooker. They are all thoughtful gifts that would have your partner falling in love with you again this Valentine.

What do you think?

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