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8 Qualities To Lookout For When Seeking Healthy Long-lasting Relationships

There are qualities that people may have that make them toxic, and that’s a major red flag in relationships and friendships. Even though you may love them, their toxic habits can tamper with your mental health and you’ll probably walk away in the long run. Sometimes you even find yourself losing genuine and adorable friends because of them. Not good!!

On the other hand, as rare as they are, there are times we come across people whom we don’t want to lose, ever. Not even the thought of it. Whether you’re in a romantic relationship with that person or a friendship, you want to have that forever. Sometimes you meet someone so special you just know it’s gonna hurt when they leave. This feeling stems from the qualities you feel as you spend time with them. So much warmth.

Good people bring out the good in people. Always lookout for these qualities I’m going to list below when seeking a healthy and long-lasting relationship.

1. They Accept Your Flaws

This is where it starts, people that see you with no makeovers and just take to you. I say makeovers but it’s definitely deeper than that. They see all your flaws and still love you. They don’t rub it in your face. Rather, they try to correct you and want to help you to become a better person. They believe with encouragement and effort; your imperfections can become perfect.

2. They Aid Your Personal Growth

Your development as a person is very important and should be a priority to anyone looking to share you for a long time. A person who helps in your personal growth or contribute anything towards the actualisation of your potentials, is someone you should never let go of. There’s a 90 per cent chance they care about you, a lot.

3. They are Understanding

Understanding is such an admirable quality to possess. Basically, every relationship is the birth of understanding or shared traits. Often you find people describe their partners or friends as always knowing what to say to them and when to say those particular things. It stems from understanding. They understand you so well, they can complete your sentences. Do not let that person go.

4. They Compromise

Sustained companionship is sustained unselfishness. Compromise means meeting in the middle. It’s something that’s becoming quite common these days but it’s worthy to mention it’s an admirable trait that not everyone possess. Arguments are not meant to be won in relationships; they’re used to share ideas. When you find a person that genuinely compromises, and meets you halfway, you found a gem.


5. Kind and Respectful

Can’t overemphasize this, not even if I had it in this list 8 times. Kindness and respect are like enchantments. There’s a popular Igbo adage that translates in English to; when a man carries his wife so well and takes good care of her, the world thinks she’s cast a spell on him, not knowing it is through kindness and respect she’s been able to achieve it. Even with children, they appreciate when you are kind and respectful to them, how much more adults?

6. They are Supportive

Dreams are meant to be lived, not sacrificed. People who support your goals and push you to pursue your dreams are rare. They are like august visitors. They are solemnly happy when you win, and they want you to win. Look out for them.

7. They are Emotionally Intelligent

Emotional intelligence refers to the ability of a person to understand, use, and manage their own emotions in positive ways to relieve stress, communicate effectively, empathize with others, overcome challenges, and defuse conflict. With emotionally intelligent people, you stand a great chance of building something original for the long term.

8. They Share your Core Values

Having a core value does not mean you cannot or will never have to compromise but, relationships come naturally when you both come from the same school of thoughts. I can assure you that it’s only once in a million times you can find a person who shares your deepest beliefs. You can’t build something that’ll last long with a dishonest person if honesty is one of your core values.

There are so many fluke friendships and partnerships in the world today. It’s better to be alone than to be with the wrong person or people; that puts you through emotional trauma and hampers your productivity.

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