A man can not express his hurt without being tagged ‘Talkative’ or ‘Immature’ – Socialite Pretty Mike

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Popular club owner and businessman, Eze Nwalie Nwogu, popularly known as Pretty Mike went on to Instagram to divulge his views on how men are not allowed to express their feelings in the society. 

The Lagos socialite who is famous for chaining girls with dog leashes, moving around with umbrellas and recently, carrying six pregnant women to a wedding, added that expressing hurt is easier for women as the response is always in their favor. 

He said;

“Na wa ooh…. This our society where a man can’t express his hurt without being tagged a talkative or an immature man,how do u expect to know how many of us that have been hurt,abused and cheated on and yet stayed in a relationship ? Yes I’ve seen a couple of instances where the woman cheats and the Guy stays….

The fact that our ego, as men wouldn’t let us come out and cry about our women cheating on us doesn’t mean it never happened…..

Often time,the ladies gain sympathy when Dey share their stories with their friends, on the other hand, if a man shares such stories with his male friends he gains Mockery😢….. 

Lastly, it’s easier for women to go online and cry foul and the response would always be in their favor; the usual “men are scum” phrase would surface, but if a man ever comes out, world people will say “He talks too much😳, Abeg alot of guys are currently dying in silence……

Oga Instagram community is here, feel free to express ur pain and pour out ur anger… You can’t be forming Lagos big boy, working super hard to provide for ur family and Dey will still be Fu*cking madam up and down and u can’t say anything because people will laugh u, if u allow depression kill u, Dey will cont the Fu*king in ur Lekki home and send ur kids to go and stay with relatives 🧐

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