A Spoiler-Free Review of ‘The Matrix Resurrections’

Have you seen the latest Matrix movie? Read our spoiler free review.

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After about 18 years, The Matrix franchise returned with a third sequel of the original 1999 movie, this time subtitled ‘Resurrections’. Firstly, the original Matrix movie revolutionised the cross-world of sci fiction and action movies. It was never a movie for the average moviegoer to see and appreciate or understand all its brilliant thematic ideas and components.

Of course, an explainer animated anthology series, The Animatrix (2003) was created to solve that problem, bridge the gap, and help fans find deeper meanings and connections to the devices explored in the original movies. However, it probably took only those with a keen interest in understanding and appreciating Lana and Lily Wachowski’s intellectual property to actually see the origin story, which released a few months before Reloaded and Revolutions respectively.

Although after almost two decades, many would say that Warner Bros is plain hustling, it’s true but it’s not a bad attempt. Resurrections, beyond ostensibility, resurrects the franchise; expanding the original IP and setting fans up for potentially more content to come.

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The film’s most critical triumph presents itself in the seamless and lossless transition to the modern and new Matrix even with Reeves and Moss returning; an audacious reaffirmation of why The Matrix (1999) blew our minds without leaving room for disbelief or doubts. Critics will have a lot to say about Resurrections, but observe how it’ll never be plot holes taking the film to its low point- and that’s because Lana Wachowski leaves room for absolutely none.

It’s a little bit less green from what we used to know from the original Matrix trilogy. Disappointingly, there are also less choreographed fight scenes in The Matrix Resurrections compared to the previous films, and there’s limited time to get to know majority of the new characters. However, if this was a shot at rebooting and reawakening Matrix loyalists, all in all, this was a successful and timely attempt.

It takes a red-piller to realise the Matrix, but it also takes a blue-piller to be living happily in the Matrix; being controlled like a mindless zombie. These choices extend to the real world appreciation of The Matrix’s intellectual property ; will you swallow the red pill and follow keenly, or will you stick with the blue pill and breeze through the franchise like the average moviegoer? The choice is yours.

Final Verdict:


Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

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