Actress, Yvonne Orji is Currently Getting Bashed Online, Here’s Why

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Nigerian/American actress, Yvonne Orji, is currently getting dragged on the streets of Twitter.

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The 37-year-old actress best known for her role as Molly Carter in the Tv series, Insecure has received bashing based on her response to a tweet calling her out.

Here’s how it started;

A young lady responded to a tweet asking “Who was the meanest celeb you’ve ever met?”

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According to her, it was the actress at a Women’s empowerment conference. See below;

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The video;

Afterwards, Yvonne Orji responded to the tweet, saying “Hey Crystal, I’m saddened that’s how you left the event feeling after an encounter with me. Truly wasn’t my intention to make you feel anything less than the beautiful woman you are.”

However, a lot of people found the apology vague, and in turn called her out on it. See below;

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