After Bout with Partial Paralysis, Rapper Ikechukwu is Hopeful of Walking Freely Again


Nigerian rapper, singer, and actor Ikechukwu shared his recovery from partial paralysis is progressing well. According to an Instagram video he posted recently, it won’t be long before he can move his both feet again.

The “Kini Big Deal” singer had revealed to Daddy Freeze during a live chat:

“Baba I get herniated disc and acute sciatica and it paralyzed my whole right side, lumbar 4 and 5. A whole me can you imagine, na bed wen I don dey since.

“Baba, if you see me, I’m not same person you knew before, the guy who does backflips left and right.

He admitted that the condition caused the right side of his body to become paralysed. “To waka dey pain me. I no fit waka, he said.

“I pulled it on the 17th in the morning, and instead of calming down, I went to a show I was booked for, the following day, I couldn’t get out of bed. After two more days of dealing with the pain, I had to rush to Evercare Hospital around 3 AM.

“They put drips in both of my hands with painkillers, which only lasted a little bit, and I no won risk my life with Nigerian healthcare again, so I just got a ticket straight to Yankee.”

However, in this recent video Ikechukwu shared, he was able to stand without any aid and did some light exercises. He is hopeful it won’t be long before he can freely move his two feet again. See video and caption below.

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