“After God, fear women” – DJ Obi Weighs In On Club Shooting Involving Married Lady and Burna Boy

The DJ is of the opinion that the lady involved fabricated her statement and Burna boy never approached her at the club.

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Nigerian disc jockey, Obinna Levi Ajuonuma popularly known as DJ Obi has shared his two cents as regards the alleged ugly incident that transpired between married lady and burna boy’s associates at a club in Lagos.

The DJ took to his Instagram page on June 22, 2002, where he insisted that entire situation never happened and the lady identified as Briella Neme to be a liar.

He debunked the statement released by Neme that Burna Boy approached her several times despite being rejected.

The biggest lie of 2022 is when I heard that BURNA BOY tried to talk to another man’s woman. That was where that whole story lost me. There is no woman born of a woman that has that privilege. And not even once but THREE times?! FAT LIE!” he said.

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Obi went on, stating that the only reason the music star’s security would have shot a gun is if there was a threat to his life.

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He further advised men to be careful around women, laying emphasis on staying safe.

The alleged club shooting involving Burna Boy and his associated at a club in Lagos took a new turn when the married lady involved in this whole saga recounted the ugly incident that took place.

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Briella Neme

She narrated how she was approached three times by Burna Boy’s men who insisted on her going to meet him.

On the first attempt I told them I wasn’t interested in talking to Burna Boy and I am married to my partner. He came again the second time and was met with the same response, he came the third time and that caused a few of our friends to flare up as they asked why he kept coming to disturb me,” she said.

The third attempt on trying to accost her led to her friends flaring up over the incessant disturbance. This eventually caused a fight between her friends and Burna Boy’s team. 

Neme said she has been traumatised since the awful incident.

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