After singer Portable’s latest menacing behaviour, you have to be more careful about the kind of people/artists/products you endorse

Whether you like it or not, you gave Portable the power he has today, and sadly, there are many bad men waiting to tap such unfortunate people.

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Those who supported singer Portable’s career up until now should not be acting surprised at the menacing nuisance he’s constituting in society today.

When you encourage a lunatic and cheer him to stardom, he will forget seeking seek help in the form of therapy or asylum. In fact, they gave Portable this influence and power that he now wields to catastrophic effect. To worsen matters, there are extremely rich and powerful bad people waiting to exploit such ill-fated individuals.

It raises fresh concerns about the kind of people we validate in society. Whether we like it or not, our indulgence directly or indirectly contributes to their prominence and promotes their craft.

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In a country as liberal as Nigeria (more lawless than liberal sha), where the leadership needs to be reminded of its duty and commitment to maintaining law and order, and there is absolutely no consequence for breaking the law, the onus falls on well-meaning people to shape the kind of materials we have circulating in our secular space.

Unfortunately, the number of unconscious people dwarfs by double folds the number of conscious people in Nigeria today, and that’s the problem. We just

Portable may unsurprisingly go scot-free after his latest boastful, incriminating, and sacrilegious comments about founding several criminal rings, whether he was chasing clout or not. Events like this should never be brushed under the carpet, but sadly, who will bell the cat? The same set of influential people that were dorime-ing and zazu-ing during their bid to select the next potential president? Lol. The same people that continue to mobilize and encourage thuggery and gang movements for their selfish lust for power?

So, it all falls on you to be more conscious. It’s okay to scrutinise your fandoms despite how much their work ignites that rush of dopamine that you feel.

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