An Indiana Jones TV Series Is Reportedly In The Works At Disney+

Indiana Jones TV series

Variety reports that Disney and LucasFilm are “actively” looking to develop a TV show based on the popular Indiana Jones franchise. As at the time of the report, not much was known about Harrison Ford’s involvement. 

According to The Wrap, this new series won’t follow the whip-wielding adventurer, like The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles, a TV show that aired on ABC in the early ‘90s, but will instead be a prequel focused on young Abner Ravenwood, Marion Ravenwood’s father who remains a much talked-about but never seen figure in Indiana Jones lore.

In this new show, Abner would be mentoring a group of young archeologists, just as he would one day mentor Indiana Jones. We are told that some of the creative heavyweights behind the upcoming fifth installment in the film franchise will most likely return for the television series.

We expect more information to follow soon.

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