Any 35-year-old, comfortable and unmarried man is bisexual – Princess Shyngle

The actress believes these men are time wasters and the reason for heartbreaks among women

Gambian born actress, Princess Shyngle has highlighted the features of a bisexual man. She believes that any comfortable 35-year-old man, who is unmarried and is known to be a serial cheat is bisexual.

The movie star made her observations known in a now deleted post on Instagram saying;

“Any man I repeat any man who is doing good in life, is comfortable and in 35 above but not married or never been married but is constantly changing women every minute like pants is a bisexual man and is in love with a young man somewhere 😂🤣😂,” she wrote.

“Most of y’all are the reason there is a lot of single women out there and y’all just using women as cover-ups breaking their hearts and wasting their time. Yes, I said it come and beat me 😂🤣😂 start living your truth and get out of that damn closet 😎”

The actress emerged as the third best at the Next Movie Star Africa competition. Since then, she has gone on to star in various movies such as Why Do Men Get Married, the Dormitory 8 series, and The 5 Brides series.

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