Archbishop Kaigama to Nigerians: clamour for positive change


His Grace Most Rev. Ignatius Kaigama, the Catholic Archbishop of Abuja, said yesterday that treasury looting in Nigeria has remained because Nigerians are not yet ready to clamour for positive change. He continued that as long as leaders are comfortable with citizens dying for their political ambitions, misuse of public funds would continue to thrive.

Delivering his homily at St. Matthew’s pastoral area in Paso Abuja, Kaigama also said that the day politicians would begin to see the wrong in their deeds and stop rationalising crime, the actions that would follow will give rise to good governance.


“We must all pay attention to the voice of God in our consciences. The degree of rot and blatant misuse of public resources of this great country is because many have allowed their conscience to die. They see no wrong in their bad or evil actions and they rationalize sin and crime. Dying to self is the only way a new Nigeria will germinate and grow, free from the dominion of sin and criminality; to produce patriotic citizens who do nothing from selfish ambition or conceit, but in humility regard others as better than themselves; looking not only for their interests, but the interests of fellow Nigerians.”

“If Nigerians avoid politics of pleasure and the tendency of leadership without sacrifice, practise self-emptying; uproot every sinful habit and seek to be renewed in mind, spirit, soul and body, the clamour for positive change will be possible. Unfortunately, leaders want others to die for their political ambitions; while they are comfortable with their families at home or their children well protected overseas.”

“It is only by dying to self that good governance can be entrenched and positive legacies endure, just as Jesus in dying became the source of eternal life. He continued”

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