BBNaija Season 6: DJ Wysei Delivers the Best Saturday Night Party Yet

BB Naija 5th Saturday Party Media Rants

There’s one steady feature of BBNaija Shine Ya Eye edition, and that is that it’s pretty much aged like fine wine. Perhaps that theme may yet change, but for now everything is climbing up the quality scale. That included last night’s party that saw DJ Wysei treat housemates and viewers to incredible hits.


It was an Afro themed party and that delivered on all fronts – from housemate’s costumes to the music, and then to the groove.

So how did it go down?

Unlike previous parties we’ve seen, almost all the housemates were involved on the dancefloor. And judging the reactions over social media, viewers also had a terrific time watching and hearing the Drummer Girl, DJ Wysei play.

DJ Wysei BBNaija Party
DJ Wysei

Housemates were loving every packet of energy Wysei brought to the party. In their afro hairs and retro costumes, they put all their worries behind, making sure it was the dancefloor that suffered. However, it seemed like Whitemoney had the best time last night of all the housemates, not letting his energy drop for a moment throughout the Johnnie Walker themed event.

As for situationships and entanglements that stick, we have to say that Nini and Saga are waxing really strong. The couple, sorry, I mean both housemates were almost inseparable, keeping to only themselves on the dancefloor, and minding that body and soul business really well. People have said Saga has lost focus, but if you don’t fancy yourself so much to land that big cash bag, are you going to miss the girl too?

Unfortunately, similarly cannot be said for Michael and Jackie B’s situationship. Rather than the Twilight Saga, what we’ve seen here is the Hunger Games and Michael is not Catnis, Jackie is in that driving seat. It didn’t take too long for the musician’s night to go relatively south after entertaining a conversation with Jackie.

In all, the 5th Saturday party of BBNaija Season 6 will go down as one of the best the show has ever seen and served. Unless the show continues its strong run of improvement, perhaps we’ve already had our best Saturday night party yet.

Check out these tweets about what went down in the house on Saturday night:

DJ Wysei BBNaija Party Media Rants
DJ Wysei BBNaija Party Reactions Media Rants3
DJ Wysei BBNaija Party Reactions Media rants4

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