BBNaija Season 7: List Of Potential Relationships In The House

The ‘level up’ housemates have so much love on the brain and we might likely witness another marriage from the season.

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The romance and probable love stories of the ‘Level Up’ season is off to an early start as the housemates from both houses are keen on pairing up and having “ships” as many fans fondly call couples.

For reality tv shows, romance will always be seen as exciting and whether or not the housemates have the intention to couple up as a means to advance their chances in the show, viewers would always term a good love story as entertainment.

Here are the potential ships in the Level Up season so far.

Bella and Sheggz

Popularly referred as “Shella”, this ship begun sailing from the first night they got into the Level 1 house. The London-based Lagosian wasted no time in trying to get Bella’s attention despite how serious minded she appeared.

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Although shippers are delighted with the subtle hugs and forehead kisses, the Anambra born content creator has clarified her stance as regards their relationship. She believes they are only getting to know each other and are still in the “just friends” stage.

Allysyn and Adekunle

This ship is most likely to proceed to intimacy as they both thoroughly enjoy each other’s company and now share a bed at night.

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Allysyn has however stated to Adekunle that she’s not in the headspace for a relationship. With several weeks left in the game, feelings can certainly change.

Beauty and Groovy

Fondly called “Greauty” by their fans, this ship could be termed as love at first sight. Greauty seems to be sailing smoothly even after Groovy refused to kiss her during their first Truth or Dare game.

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There was almost a roadblock though, as Amaka revealed (playfully) to Pharmsavi days afo that she had planned to scatter this union, well until Beauty showed up in lingerie. 

Their love story also encountered a major hurdle during the first Saturday night party as Beauty got jealous when Groovy tried to socialize and dance with some ladies from the Level 1 house.

Hours after the jealousy fit, the duo talked at length and further defined their relationship. They are back at sharing not just a bed but lots of kisses at night.

Daniella and Khalid

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We can not for certain state where this ship might be headed at the moment but they both sure enjoy each other’s company during the day and at night, under the sheets.

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