Behold your Technoking: Musk’s “title” change, genius or jest?

elon musk technoking
elon musk technoking

Elon Musk has changed his title from Chief Executive Officer (CEO) to “Technoking of Tesla” following an 8-K filed with the SEC. Nevertheless, it is not the only title which has changed, as Chief Financial Officer Zach Kirkhorn will now be known as “Master of Coin.”

However, both Tesla’s Technoking and Master of Coin Zach will maintain their respective positions as CEO and CFO respectively. Tesla is yet to reveal the meaning behind the new titles but, although we consider it to be trivial, we are already thinking about it. Maybe it is about the $1.5 billion worth of bitcoin purchased by Tesla earlier this year.

Technoking Musk
Tesla’s electric cars have often been described as the future of automobile

Technoking could even be referencing the word “technology” or even refer to techno music, which he (Musk) has previously tweeted about before, when he suggested adding a “rave cave” to the factory that Tesla is currently constructing in Berlin that will feature “hardcore techno.”

Maybe Tesla is now Kingslanding and Musk is sitting on the iron throne, something that George R. R. Martin would have been proud of. But we know that the now Technoking of Tesla has often cut a polemic figure on social media, making both friends and enemies with his antics. As a result, this might just be another popularity stunt and we are loving it.  

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