Bolu Okupe Breaks The Table on African Bisexual Men Hiding in the Closet

He believes that many women are currently married to or will eventually marry a bisexual man

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Bolu Okupe is of the opinion that many African/Black men are bisexual but choose to remain in the closet.

Bolu, one of the sons of Nigerian politician Doyin Okupe, came out as gay earlier in January this year. Since then, he has become a voice for the LGBTQ community.

In a recent post shared on Instagram, Bolu believes that bisexuality within African communities needs to be more openly discussed because there are quite a number of bisexual African men.

According to him, many of these men remain in the closet and go on to marry women because of stigma.

He also added that a bunch of women women are currently married to or will eventually marry bisexual men.

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Bolu Okupe/Instagram

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