Buhari’s Medical Trips: Presidential Impunity


President Buhari left Nigeria yesterday March 30, for what would be his 6th medical leave to the United Kingdom, what was referred to as a ‘Routine Medical Check-up.’

A routine medical check-up would normally refer to carrying out various tests that reveal important body metrics in relation to a person’s risk factors. If the President is visiting a hospital England to get his blood pressure, cholesterol level, glucose level, etc., checked, what does it mean for the hospital and health sector here in the country?

How often did the pre-president Buhari, the Daura based cattle rancher go for medical trips broad?

I’m merely asking from the perspective of an observer and a social commentator, not that I’m a neutral but, assume me to be. Either of two things come to my mind concerning these scandalous medical escapades of Mr President;

  • Our hospitals are not equipped enough to analyse Buhari’s piss.
  • It’s not quite the routine medical trip.
Buhari Departs for UK

Doctors might be going on strike any moment from now, over unpaid wages, and have voiced their frustrations. Is the President not aware? Oops! Of course, Osibanjo will handle it. It looks like no matter what happens, whether we’re at war or not, nothing can deter our ‘Fresh-Prince’ from getting his gold-flaked faeces analysed abroad while he’s sipping Presidential champagne and enjoying the labour of other leaders like him. Or is he?

According to Guardian News;

“Nigerians have for decades suffered from an inadequately funded healthcare system, squalid clinics and hospitals, and poorly paid and overworked healthcare workers who frequently move abroad for employment. here are at least 8,178 medical doctors of Nigerian descent working in the U.K., according to data on the U.K. General Medical Council website. The exodus has worsened healthcare in a country that has one doctor for every 5,000 people, according to the Nigeria Medical Association



Experts are saying the country could be losing more than N576 billion ($1.2 billion) yearly to medical tourism because of the deplorable state of our health system, but who will bell the cat? Certainly not Mr President.

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