Burna Boy Appears on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah, Teases When His New Album Might Release

Burna Boy will perform at the Madison Square Garden in NYC on April 28. You can live stream that event

Burna Boy

Ahead of his performance at the Madison Square Garden in New York, Burna Boy was hosted on The Daily Show by Trevor Noah.

The appearance which lasted about 10 minutes, saw Burna talk about his Grammy success, producing Twice As Tall during the pandemic over Zoom, letting his mother Bose Ogulu be his manager, selling out historic grounds like no Nigerian had ever done, and when his next album might drop.

His appearance was met with lots of excitement and cheer from the audience as they applauded almost everything he said.

Burna remained cocky throughout, with Trevor pointing out that that’s one thing he’s come to notice and admire about Nigerians that make them standout from their African counterparts.

He recently sold out the Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam, Netherlands, and followed that up by also selling out the Madison Square– feats no Nigerian had achieved in the past.

Noah brought that up, but Burna was coy over his own achievements, wondering why the “being the first” part is always magnified by the media, who don’t really report when American acts make history selling out other arenas.

However, Noah explained that it’s because people didn’t really imagine that Afrobeats would rub off on American and world pop culture the way it has, and was full of praise for Nigerian artists who have spearheaded that ascension.

Burna Boy Ziggo Dome e1650007125124
Burna Boy at the Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam (2022)

Noah even cited an example how Beyonce infused elements of Burna’s music into her own music. Beyonce and Burna collaborated in 2019, on the soundtrack album for Disney Studios animated feature film “The Lion King.”

The “Ye” singer’s sense of humour was on full display, as he went as far as asking Trevor for an actual drink, rather than the coffee or chocolate he offered him this time and the previous time (2019) he was on the show, as they both laughed along with the audience.

Finally, Noah asked Burna Boy when his next album might drop, admitting he’s seen him tease several new records including one with British singer Ed Sheeran. Burna and Ed Sheeran have previously worked together and were recently spotted hanging.

However, Burna, after initially choosing to remain silent, dropped a hint, saying his next album will drop on a day that everyone celebrates themselves.

When Noah admitted he didn’t understand, Burna added that everyone has that particular day that they have to celebrate and that’s when the album might drop.

Not that we’re sure, but it may well be on his birthday. Burna was born on July 2 1991.

Check out the full interview below.

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