Cars have to be auditioned to feature in Fast and Furious movies- Vin Diesel

Diesel says the impressive cars featured in the franchise are also auditioned before they end up in the films’ wild stunts.

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Vin Diesel has revealed that it’s not only the cast that have to audition for the Fast & Furious franchise. Coupled with portraying leader of the furious drivers, Dominic Toretto, Diesel is the leader of the franchise, alongside many other actors including Michelle Rodriguez, Tyrese Gibson, and the late Paul Walker. The films are beloved by many fans and are consistently rake in great numbers performer at the box office. The upcoming ninth Fast & Furious instalment, F9, is slated for release on the 25th of June 2021.

The Fast & Furious franchise is known for many things: its personable ensemble cast, its message about the importance of family and loyalty, and its break-neck action that only gets faster and more outrageous. Of course, this break-neck action is only carried out by the most expensive, exclusive, and exquisite cars. Fast & Furious doesn’t joke with the cars, giving all fans something to sink their teeth into, especially car buffs.

In a recent interview from Uproxx, Diesel revealed that even the cars must audition to be in the film. Because the cars are so representative of the characters and their identities within the story at any given time, the chosen cars have to be perfect. Diesel states that this is a tried-and-true aspect of the franchise’s production.

Part of the process of Fast is we’ve always auditioned our cars. The cars have really been such a significant part and representation of our characters, that there is a process of casting, right? Of casting the exact vehicle for the state of mind that the character is in, or the journey that the character is going through.

fast furious 9

This specificity is not lost on the fans, either. Entire fan theories and insights have been made based on the characters’ cars and how those cars are retired and then put back into commission again. And it is part of the franchise’s reputation as well; the films are known for their outrageous, incredibly expensive, luxury cars. The most expensive car used in the franchise to date was a 2013 Lykan Hypersport for $3.4 million in Furious 7. The Hypersport is not only expensive but exclusive, as only seven of them have ever been made. The franchise routinely employs limited-manufactured cars, such as the Ferrari FXX (Fast & Furious 6) of which only 40 exist.

Often, films such as those in the Fast & Furious franchise are criticized for relying on over-the-top action while lacking a worthwhile story. However, Diesel’s comments show that the movie-runners truly care about the stories, and constantly finetune down to the smallest details.

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