Cater Efe reveals motivation behind hit song ‘Machala’, says he’s considering an EP | Watch

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Comedy skit maker Cater Efe and up-and-coming talent Berri Tiga bust onto the Nigerian music scene, with a high praise anthem for music legend Wizkid titled Machala (a name Wizkid usually goes by). Propelled by Big Wiz’s not so calm fanbase Wizkid FC this single quickly made it to #1 on the Apple Music Top Songs Nigeria Chart in it’s first week.

The Wizkid superfan Carter sat down in an interview with media personality Ebuka Obi-Uchendu for Channels TV, to speak on a few topics including why he decided to make music, his motivation towards putting out that song Machala and some more.

On how he decided to make music, Carter shares that he has always been into music even when he was younger.

On the inspiration behind Machala, Carter disclosed that it was simply his love for Wizkid that inspired him to make Machala.

“People also call me ‘Machala’ because I love Wizkid. The song is just for Wizkid FC and myself.”

Carter revealed that the huge success of the song came as a surprise, as he wasn’t expecting it. He also mentioned that he didn’t bother to contact Wizkid as he knows he isn’t the type to acknowledge such gestures, saying that he did the song solely for his love of Wizkid.

Asked if he plans to continue making music, Carter tells Ebuka that he loves the money his hit single has brought him and he intends to continue making music. He further revealed that he has plans to release an EP.

The session also touched on why Machala has been seemingly booted out the major streaming platform, which Carter Efe revealed he had no idea why. He shared that he has reached out to the distribution company who told him they are working on it.

Watch the Interview below

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