Chacha Eke’s Husband, Austin Breaks Silence, Reveals He Never Hit His Wife

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Austin Faani, estranged husband to Nollywood actress Chacha Eke has broken his silence since she announced their separation.

The movie star had revealed in a post her decision to part ways with her husband in order to remain alive.

Her husband, however in a new post shared on his Instagram page refuted the perception of him being a violet person and hitting his wife.

“I am not a violent person. Personally, I detest violence in any form. I have never raised my hands on any woman in my life including my wife,” he wrote.

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“Everyone close to this case knows the absolute truth and it is not in my place to divulge it. The only person who started the talk will in due time continue the talk. Let light lead.

Faani’s statement was shared hours after Eke declared a distress call appealing to some security agencies to be at alert in the instance she becomes incommunicable.

For the 2nd time in 2 years, I am here again on social media boldly declaring that I am done with my marriage. My long overdue/relentless stance on this is of course no news to Austin Faani, the doctors and my parents.

“If push comes to shove & suddenly I am incommunicado; my lawyers, the welfare department and the Nigerian police force have my testimonials in recorded video clips/statements set for public release on all social media apps and national newspapers,” 

In 2020, the actress revealed on social media in a video recording that her marriage was over.

A few days later she retracted the statement stating that it was due to a bipolar disorder.

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Chacha Eke and Austin Faani have been married for nine years and have four children together.

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