Chief Daddy 2 Has Three Fundamental Problems — Here They Are

After opening to numerous negative reviews, leading to a response from Ebony Life Group CEO, we take a brief look at the basic things that are wrong with “Chief Daddy 2: Going for Broke.”

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Mosunmola ‘Mo’ Abudu had earlier suggested in her response to commentators and critics of Chief Daddy 2: Going for Broke that Ebony Life Group had become a victim of their own success.

By recounting some of Ebony Life’s previous releases she felt were of great standards, Abudu’s response, not taken out of context, meant that possibly, Chief Daddy 2 wouldn’t have gotten as much criticism as it did if it was the work of another group, but that is far from the truth.

Chief Daddy 2 managed to get all the fundamentals of a good film wrong, asides from good photography, of which that credit, in large parts belong to modern technology.

Chief Daddy 2 1

So what are those things that put fans off– no way near a bang for their bucks in Chief Daddy 2: Going for Broke? Here they are.

1. Missing Plot

A significant part of the first Chief Daddy film felt random and lifeless; without a convincing story, enough to pull the kind of star-studded cast it did. However, Nollywood glamour has fostered so much success in recent times so, it is excusable. But it makes one wonder, why return to continue the same lifeless plot?

Very few scenes in “Chief Daddy 2” seemed to have been the product of any thought process, and with the quality of talent at their disposal, it is clear the only thing the filmmakers did a little brainstorming about was money.

2. Awful Screenplay

Chief Daddy 2

Awful indeed, but only if there was really a script. One can actually argue there wasn’t any, and the cast just said or played out what came to mind. Its definitely not every day you find incredible actors struggling to make good dialogues- but that was how much they struggled in this film.

Make no mistake, comedy is hard, but it is also based on facts. How does a footballer sit out an entire football season that’s not even began because of a grade 3 hamstring? It is insulting to the knowledgeable many who take football seriously in this country.

3. Horrible Costuming

Costuming is a cardinal point of film-making. There’s an Oscar award for costuming. Yes! You don’t just show up on set wearing what you have or like because you’re a big star. The costuming in “Chief Daddy 2” was underwhelming, epitomised by this Beverley Naya’s (Adaora) outfit in the little get away scene with Mawuli (Dammy) in Dubai below.

Mawuli and Beverly

These three things constitute part of the fundamentals of filmmaking. A collapse in one department is hardly forgivable, but a failure in all three departments is colossal, even for a new comer. And an established production house like the Ebony Life Group and Mo Abudu should know better.

So, no, Mo, fans are not judging based on the high standards you set in earlier movies, Chief Daddy 2 simply didn’t live up to generally acceptable standards.

Considering her response to the various scathing critiques circulating the internet, all eyes will be on her and her Ebony Life Group to restore their good name. God help them.

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