Corper Shun: The Suffering Begins


“Corper Shun.”

I remember in my first year hearing my stepbrother talk about camp fondly. I wanted so badly to get to final year so I too could head to camp.

Omo!!! All na scam oh!

Since the beginning of this week, I don dey peep the suffer head wey dey come my way. Let me explain.

Monday night, after assurance that my deployment would be worked to Lagos, I opened the portal to see Kwara state. Lol. Who I know for Kwara. Also, I had to have arranged my medicals, taken a COVID-19 test, bought all necessary items, and be ready to travel and arrive in Kwara by Friday.

Wahala be like bicycle for this country oh.

With my little savings as a fresh graduate, I’m to acquire and accomplish all these tasks. For how much alawe sef? A meager N33, 000. Chai!

But because I wan do corper shun, I closed my eyes to all this and decided to hustle all angles. White sneakers that I’d never wear again, N4,500: white shorts that look like na Cele material dem use sew am, N3,600: NYSC kit of socks, shirt, fanny pack, N10,000. I go still hustle mosquito net, provisions, and other toiletries and amenities.

Then I go reach camp only to be greeted by deplorable living conditions, substandard food, and immense heat. This corper shun life, no be suffer head e be?

Welp, make I go hustle train ticket (watch out for my next post. I’d be dropping all the dets about my train movement) and get my shit together to head to Kwara on Saturday. Others ahead of me did it. Suffer head no fit kill black man.

Corper Shun!!!

How have your preparations for camp been going? Please share your comments in the section below.

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