Could Hugh Jackman Be Hinting At Reprising His Role As Wolverine?


American actor Hugh Jackman caused a stir on Instagram when he posted a picture of the iconic Wolverine claws. Following the picture of Wolverine’s claws, Jackman posted a picture of himself with one of the executives of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Kevin Feige.

In the wake of his Instagram posts, many have started speculating whether the actor could be returning as Wolverine for the current phase of the MCU films. If Jackman will return as the famed X-Men member, fans most likely won’t see him until Phase 5 of the MCU, which intends to include the X-Men members that Disney acquired from their merge with Fox in 2019. Jackman’s posts surprised fans due to how the previous Wolverine film, Logan, ended.

hugh jackman as wolverine

Although Marvel Studios now have the rights to the intellectual property, the character died at the conclusion of Logan. It then begs the question; how will they revive Wolverine to join the current MCU roster? If you’re a big fan of the MCU, then you’ve probably heard about the theories regarding the multiple universes and the quantum realm, which were both key plot points in Avengers: Endgame. Both could be equally instrumental in bringing Wolverine back to join the current Marvel features.

Breaking news aside, Hugh Jackman and Kevin Feige are reportedly longtime friends. The two go way back, as Feige helped Jackman land the role of Wolverine in 1999 for the first of many X-Men movies.

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