The couple who got together after 10 years apart revealed that they no longer care what their family thinks of their relationship


While it is considered rather unthinkable and for family members to have any form of intimacy or relations other than the acceptable family bond, this American couple who are also cousins care less as their love appears to be of utmost importance.

Michael Lee and his close relative, Angie Lee, can now be referred to as Mr and Mrs as the two recently tied the knot, without giving cognizance to any form of consequences that might arise from their action.

The cousins – now a couple, traveled from their home in Eagle Mountain, Utah, to Colorado to tie the knot on March 4, 2019.

Their home state only allows cousins over the age of 65 to get married but makes an exception for couples aged 55 if they can prove they are infertile. The rule exists in order to reduce the chances of children being born to first cousin parents with genetic abnormalities.

According to reports, first cousins share 12.5% of their DNA, making them up to twice as likely to have a disabled child as a man and woman who are not closely related.

The couple who got together after 10 years apart revealed that they no longer care what their family thinks of their relationship

Speaking with ABC4, Angie had this to say: “We said OK this is crazy but we’re adults now, we’re single now, we’re just going to go for it and who cares what our family thinks.”

Recalling how he first realized his love for Angie when they were kids, he said: “We were second grade. ‘I remembered I stopped her mother and said “I’m going to marry Angie.” ‘She said, “No, sorry you can’t, you can be friends.”

He added: “I’ve always felt that life wasn’t fair. ‘Why did the person I wanted to be with most, and who I had the most attraction to the most, the most natural feelings for, why’d you have to be my cousin? No one I’ve ever been with will make me feel as perfect as she does. Her being my cousin and some of the responses is a small price to pay.”

Angie and Michael are now petitioning for Utah to change its laws so that other first-cousin couples can tie the knot. Those same rules mean their marriage is not considered valid in Utah.

Recall also, that a while ago a similar story was also reported. A man on Twitter named Gavin posted photo of his sister and professed his love for her, a love that he says he could not control.

In the photo he posted, it was noticed the sister is already pregnant for him and he is cuddling her affectionately.

However, it’s necessary we note you, that it’s unsure what country they reside in or why their incestuous marriage was approved of.

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