Questions surrounding the reintroduction of a nationwide curfew to tame COVID-19

Will food prices not soar the more? How controlled will markets be? Too many unanswerable questions associated with government’s new policy.

nigerian police

Federal Government yesterday, reintroduced a nationwide 12 am to 4 am curfew as part of efforts to curtail the further spread of COVID-19 in the country. However, many grey areas surround the handling of the epidemic in Nigeria.

Lagos at night

According to the announcement, the curfew would take effect from midnight on Monday, May 10. He also said with effect from Tuesday, nightclubs, gyms, and others would remain closed till further notice.

That gatherings of religious groups and weddings among others have been reduced to 50 per cent attendance, while official engagements, meetings, and conferences should continue to hold virtually as now usual.

The question is, how effective are night-time curfews in Nigeria, in the context of COVID-19? Will cost of food and supplies not soar the more because of uneasy transportation? Is this not an avenue for police to harass more people and illegally enlarge their pockets?

For me, it is tad hypocritical that night clubs, and gyms, etc should be locked down, churches reduced to 50 percent cap, but our markets, and transportation facilities are fuller than ever. It’s worse than just failing the litmus test.

nigerian police

Maybe there is an ulterior motivation for the reintroduction of the nationwide curfew and even restrictions. It’s definitely a welcome development if it is to check the rising and worrisome levels of insecurity in the country. In fact, that feels like something that should have come a long time ago. If that is the case, maybe, just maybe our government is thinking.

Anyways, remember to plan your outings better, move faster and smarter now, especially if you’re in Lagos. There is no need for tension, whatever wave of COVID-19 we experience now will not be as fatal as the first and second. Remember to practice good hygiene, otherwise masks won’t save you.  Eat healthy and exercise often (especially if you’ve become more sedentary due to work-from-home).

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