Day Shift: Jamie Foxx’ Vampire Isn’t So Terrible, Surprisingly – Movie Review

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With no shortage of new material coming out of Hollywood almost every other day, the streaming service Netflix dropped the movie Day Shift into the lap of eager movie lovers last Friday. Directed by J. J Pery in his directional debut Day Shift, which featured the likes of Jamie Foxx, Dave Franco, Karla Souza, Megan Good, and Snoop Dogg amongst others, proved to be an impressive addition to the list of Netflix original films.

Jamie Foxx plays the role of Bud Jablonski, a divorced father who uses his pool cleaning job as a façade to hide his true vocation: hunting and killing vampires in San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles. In order to rack up as much money as he can selling the teeth he pulls out from his vampire kills so as to pay his daughters tuition and keep his family from moving to Florida, Bud seeks out the help of Big John, big time vampire hunter and mentor (played by Snoop Dogg) who helps pull strings to get him back into the union he got kicked out of several times before for breaking several rules. In order to ensure he complies this time around he is saddled with union rep Seth (played by Dave Franco) taxed with watching his every move every step of his vampire hunting way. When the lives of his wife and daughter are threatened by Audrey San Fernando (played by Karla Souza), a big bad Uber Vamp with a score to settle he enlists the help of friends and a neighbor to bring them back home unharmed. 

Mirrored after films like RIPD, Shaun of the Dead, and Zombieland, Day Shift proves to be a worthy addition to the action-comedy genre with impressive and well-choreographed action scenes featuring the likes of Jamie Foxx and Scott Adkins reiterating Foxx’s position as an almost action star. The impact of the former stunt coordinator turned director could really be felt. Karla Sousa impresses in her performance as the film’s antagonist she plays her role of a fiery driven woman all to well, just as she did in her portrayal of Laurel Castillo in How to get Away with Murder although this time, she’s a tad eviler and more creative at getting back to people who take loved ones from her. The bulk of the show’s lightheartedness and humor was provided by Dave Franco’s Seth, an inexperienced union desk worker turned field agent. His character provides perfect balance between action and comedy. In a film like this no one wants to see 90mins of straight vampire killing with no laughs in between, we have the Underworld movies and the godawful Morbius for that.

Day Shift isn’t without its fault though as one can’t help but notice the somewhat basic, flawed and predictable screenplay. You can tell the makers of the film aren’t gunning for an Academy Award but that doesn’t in any way undermine the shows entertainment value. The shallowness of the script is easily overshadowed by the charming acting and vampire heads rolling.

Generally, I think Day Shift checks all the boxes intended by the makers of the film. It’s a good film with good action sequences and a few good laughs, something fun and entertaining you can kick back and relax with after a long day’s work or in your free time. If you’re seeking something like that then look no further.  If you’re looking for something with a more intricate plot you might want to move on from this one.

Rating: 3/5

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