Denrele Edun and Instagram personality James Brown feature in new HBO documentary ‘The Legend of the Underground’

The Legend of the Underground premieres June 29 on HBO Max.

The Legend of the Underground

To mark Pride Month, a period set aside to celebrate queer people worldwide, American TV network, HBO Max has released a brand new documentary The Legend of the Underground. The documentary revolves around young people challenging the ideals of gender, conformity, and civil rights in Nigeria.

The Legend of the Underground is executive produced by American entrepreneur Mike Jackson, John Legend, Austyn Biggers and TY Stiklorius and will premiere on HBO Max platform on June 29. The documentary sheds light on the journey of Micheal Ighodaro as he tries to navigate the challenges and restrictions to freedom of expression of queer people or people perceived as queer in Nigeria.

denrele and james brown

It also dissects issues related to the ballroom culture – a medium for queer people to express themselves. An HBO statement about the brand-new LGBTQ-themed content said it paints a portrait of a new generation that uses social media, underground radio, and any other resources at their disposal to fight for their rights of personal expression. Through bold creativity, they work to spark a cultural revolution that would challenge the ideals of gender, conformity, and civil rights in Nigeria.

A first look at the documentary reveals that Instagram personality, James Brown’s 2018 arrest after Nigerian law enforcement perceived him to be gay, was featured in the show. The Legend of the Underground also features popular media personality and entertainer, Denrele Edun.

Watch the trailer below:

The Legend of the Underground is directed by Nigerian-American director Nneka Onuorah and Giselle Bailey.

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