Did You Know: Quentin Tarantino Plans To Retire After His 10th Movie

The talented filmmaker is currently on his 9th movie.

Quentin Tarantino's retirement

Quentin Tarantino has been one of the most consistent filmmakers in Hollywood, churning out hit after hit since his debut with Reservoir Dogs in 1992. In November 2014, the 59-year-old filmmaker revealed he plans to retire after his 10th film is released. He’s currently at his 9th film, which means that retirement is going to happen sooner rather than later.

Tarantino’s films are characterized by frequent references to popular culture and film genres, non-linear storylines, dark humor, stylized violence, extended dialogue, pervasive use of profanity, cameos and ensemble casts.

Quentin Tarantino’s Filmography:

  1. 1992 Reservoir Dogs – 1992
  2. 1994 Pulp Fiction – 1994
  3. 1997 Jackie Brown – 1997
  4. 2003 Kill Bill: Vol. 1 & vol. 2 – 2003 & 2004
  5. Death Proof – 2007
  6. Inglourious Basterds – 2009
  7. Django Unchained – 2012
  8. The Hateful Eight – 2015
  9. Once Upon a Time in Hollywood – 2019

What does a Quentin Tarantino early retirement mean for Hollywood?

If Tarantino does get his wish and retires after directing his tenth film, whenever that’ll be, Hollywood would’ve lost one of its current, brightest minds. No one can deny he makes really good films, and while it’s a good thing he wants to retire when the ovation is at the loudest, as a fan, I can’t help but be sad at the prospect. 

Thankfully, it looks like he’s only taking a back from active filmmaking (directing), that means there’s always the possibility he’d still be passively involved with projects, perhaps as an advisor, producer, or executive producer.

Whatever Tarantino does decide to do next after his retirement from active film directing, me and all his fans out there in the world will be waiting and ready to support him.

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