Disney trailer voice actor, Mark Elliot dies at 81

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Mark Elliot known for being the voice behind many Disney trailers for several decades, has died. He was 81.  

The legend who lent his voice to several blockbuster projects throughout his career died on April 3 and his passing was announced by fellow voiceover artist Charlie Van Dyke.

According to Charlie, Mark died in a Los Angeles hospital after suffering two heart attacks and was also battling lung cancer.

According to Elliott’s rep Peter Varano, the actor died over the weekend.

“He was an incredibly talented voice-over actor. His career spanned decades and inspired many newcomers to the industry,” Varano said in a statement. “Though many fans only knew him as a voice we were fortunate to know him as a person. His talent was only surpassed by his generosity and kindness.” 

Elliott was the voice behind many Disney at-home movie trailers including classics like”The Hunchback of Notre Dame,” “The Lion King” and “Tarzan”.

“A true gentleman. It was an honor to represent him. We will miss him and we will never forget him,” Varano added. 

Elliott started working with Disney for trailer voice overs in 1977. He said his first job was to voice the trailer of the re-release of the 1950 film “Cinderella.” His last gig with Disney was in 2001. 

“It’s a wonderful touchstone for my career, again, if that’s the identity that I carry with me for the rest of my life, I wouldn’t have it any other way,” he said. 

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