DMX’s Posthumous Album, “Exodus” Drops in Four Days

The legendary rapper’s unfinished album was continued by his family and friends following his death, it will be released posthumously on the 28th of May, 2021.

swizz and dmx edited
DMX and Swizz Beatz

DMX will always be remembered as one of greatest rappers to ever pick up a microphone. Barely 2 months since his tragic death at 50 and numerous fans and fellow rappers have issued touching tributes to the late star. At the time of his death, X was in the process of making a new album. However, the album will now be released posthumously as those closest to the late Ruff Ryders’ leader continued the work.



The project, titled EXODUS will be released in just four days time, on the 28th of May. It was executive-produced by the likes of Swizz Beatz, who spoke about the new project in a press release earlier this month. “My brother X was one of the most pure and rare souls I’ve ever met. He lived his life dedicated to his family and music. Most of all, he was generous with his giving and loved his fans beyond measure,” Swizz said.

“This album, X couldn’t wait for his fans all around the world to hear and show just how much he valued each and every single person that has supported him unconditionally,” he added.

SWIZZ BEATZ on Twitter: “Let’s get it started !!!! 4 days till EXODUS @dmx 5/28!!!!!!!!!!! ❌ Let’s take it back to the motherf****** Streets !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! RR 4 Life!!!!! / Twitter”

Let’s get it started !!!! 4 days till EXODUS @dmx 5/28!!!!!!!!!!! ❌ Let’s take it back to the motherf****** Streets !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! RR 4 Life!!!!!

This is phenomenal news for all Hip-Hop fans out there, especially X’s, and we have no doubt that Swizz Beatz put in his very best into the album. Posthumous releases are always a sensitive topic, but with X, it’s clear that those who were closest to him are well involved. Stay tuned.

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