“Don’t be the reason someone ends it all” – Omoni Oboli Speaks on Internet Savagery

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Nollywood actress, Omoni Oboli has shared her two cents regarding savagery on social media.

It’s no news that social media has turned to a danger zone since the act of trolling begun.

Taking to her Instagram page, the movie star advised people to tread carefully with words so as not to damage people.

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“Be kind with your words, don’t damage people emotionally just to look cool and have people call you savage,” she wrote.

The actress emphasized on the essence of kindness and urged people to steer clear from being the reason another person would take their life.

Omoni Oboli is a Nigerian actress, scripwriter, director and producer.

She rose to limelight after playing the role of ”Mona” in Kunle Afolayan’s 2009 suspense thriller, The Figurine.

She is popularly known for her other movies including The First Lady, Moms at War and Wives on Strike.

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