Dr. Dre Denies Nicole’s Claims, Says Estranged Wife Just Wants His Money

Also denies that he forced her to sign the prenup.

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Dr. Dre’s estranged wife, Nicole Young last year, accused him of domestic violence and alleged that he is hiding some of his assets. Dre has gone on to rubbish those claims saying that – she’s making it all up as part of her strategy to try to get out of the prenup he insists is still in place.

dr dre nicole young 1
Dre and Nicole got married in 1996

The rapper, producer, and businessman just filed new legal docs in his awful divorce case with Nicole Young, claiming her abuse allegations are false and they’re making the split super stressful for him.

In the docs, obtained by American celebrity gossip outlet, TMZ, Dr. Dre also accuses Nicole of bringing up abuse claims to squeeze money out of him. He says she didn’t even raise the allegations until after she filed for divorce and realized the prenup prevented her from staking claim to half his wealth.

According to the docs, Dre insists Nicole’s allegations are “appalling” and false. Likewise, he shoots down her claims that he abused her before they got married, including the night before their wedding.

As for her claiming he “forced” her to sign the prenup – Dre has denied it and calls Bullsh** on that.

Dre and Nicole are at loggerheads over the validity of the prenup, which is one of the biggest issues in what’s becoming Hollywood’ most scandalous divorces.         

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