Err No! But You Get A Hug – Yvonne Okoro Rejects Fan Proposal

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Popular Ghanian actress, Yvonne Okoro passed on a marriage proposal from one of her fans by name William Smith.

Source: Prime News ghana

He claimed to be madly in love with her that he desperately wanted to marry her. He also disclosed that he admired her eyeballs so much alongside her lips.He then moved steps ahead to tell Yvonne that he was single and was very much interested in her. He added that he would treat her like a queen because she’s special.

He wrote: “@yvonneokoro It’s 1:08am.. Good morning. I hope you’re fine. You look very beautiful/charming with a nice eye ball and a sweet red lips. I’m single and I’m interested in you. I love you with all my Heart. I will treat you like a queen because you’re special.”

William Smith on Twitter

@yvonneokoro @yvonneokoro It’s 1:08am.. Good morning🌞😄. I hope you’re fine☺. You look very beautiful/charming with a sexy eye👀 ball and a sweet, red lips💋. I’m Single and I’m interested in you. I Love❤💗 you with all my Heart♥. I will treat you like a queen because you’re Special😄😘.

However, Yvonne responded by turning down his proposal but described him as sweet. She also sent him hugs to conciliate him for turning down his proposal.

She wrote: “Aww thank you,you’re so sweet,but I’m not interested, hey here’s a hug for u xoxo.”

yvonne okoro on Twitter

Aww thank you,you are so sweet,but i am not interested,hey heres a hug for u xoxo

Yvonne Okoro had earlier replied a controversial Counsellor Lutterodt whom adviced her to find a man and marry as she is not getting any younger. She stated that she was dating and when the times comes,she would get married.

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