Fans Review The Movies: King of Boys: The Return of the King and Meeting Expectations

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Making rounds on today’s feature of fans review the movies is the highly awaited King of Boys: The Return of the King.


KOB made a remarkable return to the screens as Nigeria’s first original series on Netflix after three years since the first installment in cinemas.

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King of Boys 2018

With just the right amount of hype came considerable expectations and for that, we decided to ask the fans what their thoughts were on the 7-part series.

From the survey carried out, a size-able amount of fans think KOB is a good watch and would also recommended it. A few others thought of it as just “okay”.

The final verdict was a solid 7/10, and we believe this could be attributed to the movie’s production; cinematography, acting, dialogues or possibly even stem from past glory.

Let’s take a quick look at what KOB 2 brought to the table;

First off was the introduction of new characters including the randy Jumoke Randle played by (Nse Ikpe- Etim), corruptible Reverend Ifeanyi (Richard Mofe-Damijo), latest kingpin Odudubariba (Charlie Boy Oputa) and nosy journalist, Dapo Banjo (Efa Iwara).

Eniola Salami_Media Rants

The plot dwelled on Eniola Salami’s return from exile after 5 years of hiding. She was back home free of charges, with the aid of the president whom she helped get into office. With Eniola’s younger self (Toni Tones) constant reminder for revenge, she was set on destroying all of her enemies who effectuated her downfall.

Toni Tones_KOB2_Media Rants

However, her return wasn’t only to seek revenge but accompanied with a new ambition; to become the next Governor of Lagos State. Although it seemed illogical, Eniola was determined and unstoppable.

Widely known, there’s palpably no race without hurdles and Eniola’s biggest obstacle to victory was the governor’s wife, Jumoke Randle, who was willing and ready to go to any length in order to ensure her husband, the sitting governor retained his position. Even as far as offering her body brazenly to Aare; one of Eniola’s sworn adversaries.

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Another moment worthy of mention would be Makanaki’s enthralling return from the dead. This time, rather than go against Salami, they both team up in a plot twist to mete out punishments to all of her foes.

Although victory was attained eventually, the sequel left many questions unanswered, suggesting a third installment in the nearest future. And considering how long this took, fans would be advised to hold on to the sweet memories of this.


On the other hand..

Just like the saying goes, “One man’s food is another’s poison,” for KOB, a paltry number didn’t enjoy it according to the survey. We believe this could be ascribed to the series’ longevity as the return came 7hr 19m long. A bowl of popcorn was not enough.

In all, one can easily tell a lot of effort was put into the body of work and director, Kemi Adetiba certainly deserves her flowers for this one.

What did you think of KOB 2? Did it meet your expectations?

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