Finding a partner these days is so scary – Ric Hassani

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As ironic as it may seem, soulful singer, Ric Hassani whose music’s main theme is love is having a tough time finding love.

The singer took to Twitter to let his followers in on how difficult it has been finding a partner.

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We assume this is where his hit track “Thunder Fire You” off his latest album was borne from.

According to the 32-year-old, it is unwise to completely rely on one’s discretion in finding a partner.

“I think a decision as serious as finding a life partner it is not wisest for one to rely completely on their own discretion. There has to be a degree of surrender to a higher power for that decision.” He wrote.

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He also made reference to how peaceful yet lonely it is to travel around the world and come back to an empty house.

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