Five Reasons Why You Are Always Heartbroken

Ahead are five reasons you keep losing yourself in hazy relationships.

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Heartbreaks suck, it really hurts and sucks some more. Unfortunately, we’ve all been there, losing someone to an illness, a failed relationship, losing a job opportunity, we all surely do not want to experience such pain again. 

For relationships, you feel powerless, with little control over your emotions. Tearing up at the lyrics of every love song you come across, overthinking what could have been, reminiscing all that there was. In all, heartbreaks are no stroll in the park and can leave you scarred for life.

Here are five reasons why you are always heartbroken every market day;

1. You do not pay attention to the red flags 

Red flags are signs that show us a certain relationship is unhealthy. It could be signs of excessive jealousy, narcissism, aggression or abusive behavior. You see these signs, you feel them, you know them but you are blinded by love thinking it’ll all go away. No sir! 

2. You are quick to be in a relationship

It so happens that you are in a relationship after every talking stage. You do not give yourself enough time to study and truly get to know your partner. Although spontaneity may be cute, heartbreaks aren’t. There’s no rush, take your time.

3. You are always acting needy

It’s without doubt that relationships require vulnerability. To mutually share your thoughts, beliefs, worries and love. However, a relationship may come off as unhealthy and short lived when you are too attached. You become too emotionally attached, thereby losing your sense and self. Remember, your partner serves as a companion, not the air you breathe.

4. You do not seek clarity

As a partner in a relationship, you should know where you other half’s head is at. More than often, you do not seek clarity to figure out the direction of your love story; no head no tail, just vibes.

5. You do not date with your head

It’s okay to be in love, it’s also okay to “live in the moment” just like Asa said. It’s okay to give your all to a relationship. But always remember that while giving your everything, it’s important to think with your head so as to make valid decisions.

In all, heartbreaks teach us not only what we are as partners, but what we need from love. They shouldn’t deter you taking another chance with love, but instead, take better strides.

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