Forbes: Kanye West not worth $6.6 billion, worth $1.8 billion

West not worth 6.6 billion
West not worth 6.6 billion

American rapper, politician, and businessman, Kanye West’s net worth, according to a recent Bloomberg publication, had soared to $6.6 billion, largely due to his Yeezy fashion business. However, Forbes has come out with another report contradicting the claims made in the Bloomberg publication. According to Forbes, the father of 4 is estimated to worth $1.8 billion and not $6.6 billion as earlier reported by Bloomberg.

“West’s wildly optimistic approach to his net worth mirrors that of former United States president, Donald Trump, who often insists the value of his name should be included in any net worth estimate,” said Forbes. “Trump, who we value at $2.5 billion, says his brand has an intrinsic value, regardless of actual revenue. West and his camp are making a similar argument for businesses attached to the Yeezy name.”

Kanye West’s Yeezy franchise comprises more than half of his financial portfolio, which is an outstanding accomplishment for somebody that was $53 million in personal debt about 5 years ago. While the world continues to react to the earlier report, Forbes is raining on Kanye’s parade by disputing his earnings, insisting the estimates are inaccurate because they include future assets.

In Forbes’ own evaluation, the Yeezy and GAP collaborative partnership, which Bloomberg reported as being worth nearly a billion dollars, is valued at $0 because no products have been made available yet.

In Bloomberg’s report, the 43-year-old had also become the richest black man in the history of America, a claim that Forbes says is false and that the richest Black man in American history is Vista Equity’s Robert F. Smith, who is estimated to worth $6 billion.

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