Glamour Girls: Charles Of Play (And Play Network Studios) Has Something To Say To Everyone Criticizing His Latest Movie Baby

Glamour Girls Charles of Play

CEO and boss of Play Network Studios, Charles Okpaleke (aka Charles of Play) has taken to his social media handle to air his mind to all those dragging his latest movie project Glamour Girls.

Glamour Girls is a movie about independent single women embarking on their own paths within Nigeria’s traditionally patriarchal society, and it’s the latest Nollywood original to debut on Netflix. Since its June 23 premiere, Glamour Girls has seen itself pulled in polarizing directions by members of the viewing public, with the loudest consensus being that the movie had no plot and purpose. Read my review HERE.

The Play boss himself isn’t taking this sort of criticism likely and has aired his opinion concerning the matter. 

Two standout paragraphs in the scathing release, characteristic of the average Nigerian film-boss, reads:

“Shoutout to all Nollywood filmmakers constantly going through the nightmare of making movies in Nigeria. You guys are a blessing and an inspiration,” an excerpt of the statement reads.

“A huge shoutout to the other self-proclaimed Nollywood filmmakers and critics, who have produced numerous movies in the heads, won awards with them, and even climbed the stage to make speeches, but are yet to produce any in reality. We see you, we are rooting for you! A win for one is a win for all.”

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This is nothing we haven’t seen before. Remember in January after the release of Chief Daddy 2: Going For Broke, when EbonyLife boss Mo Abudu took to her social media page to chide Nigerians (like children) for daring to air their views about her movie, which also was a Netflix Original (see the connection?)?

There definitely is a pattern and it goes beyond the Netflix Original connection. We know it isn’t easy to make a movie, especially in a clime like ours here in Nigeria, but Nollywood filmmakers (generalizing now) need to learn to better receive and process criticism for it is the only way to know for sure where one has erred and how to improve for future releases. Throwing shades for the sake of sounding savage and unbothered does you and your craft very little good. The customer is king, especially when the customer is right. My opinion is, care less about how the criticism is offered and just take the lesson; your future self will thank you for implementing it.

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