Glamour Girls: There’s Very Little Glittering In This Dull Play Network Studios Remake

Glamour Girls

A movie starting with so much promise and then almost quickly turning to shit not too long after isn’t peculiar to Glamour Girls, but, boy, did this one stick out like a sore thumb.

Glamour Girls started with just enough ripe energy to get the average moviegoer excited, so much that you’d be forgiven if you momentarily had faith in another Play Network Studios production turning out well, but like most of the other remakes the film studio has handled since its inception, it doesn’t take much for this movie to collapse unto itself the moment things start to heat up. It was almost as though the screenwriter (and all the others who call the shots behind the scenes) magically got sapped of all their energy and suddenly forgot what to do with the many characters and… the plot?

One of the beautiful things about intentional filmmaking is that it is a medium of communication, whereby a piece(s) of information is conveyed from the production side to the consumer. But for this communication to be effective (which sometimes automatically equates to critical acceptance from the public), there has to be a purpose. Glamour Girls had NO PURPOSE and the story told had very little sense of bearing or direction!

Take Oloture (2020) for example, a movie that shares a surface similarity with Glamour Girls by setting its eyes on the subject of prostitution. But while Oloture zeroes in on the dangers, potential harm, and the daily uncertainties living in such a brazen world brings with it, Glamour Girls simply glamourizes it, pointlessly. I get some fanboys could argue that it’s fictional, but I strongly believe that in the film world of today that’s oversaturated with so many new releases every other day, the least any filmmaker can do is to consciously tell a good story with a clear purpose. Glamour Girls may have set to do that, but for the entirety of its over 2 hours run-time, there is nothing we see on the screen that tries to justify this. By the time the end credits roll in, we’re left with a thousand and one questions -not the good kind- and a hole-ridden bucket filled with our sanity seeping out of them. 

After five (5) movies, I believe I’ve seen enough to know that this movie business thingy for Play Network Studios may just be vibes and inshallah. Charles of Play and his team may want to take some time off and reflect deeply on where their heart truly lies because it doesn’t look like it’s in filmmaking. Filmmaking is the all-encompassing whole of visuals, audio and story; to put it mildly, so far, they’re only ticking the first box. There’s a lot of work still left to do and the sooner the studio realizes this and sets out to do the needful, the better. No amount of semi-pointless, pandering AMVCA wins can continue to mask this shameful truth, because it’s just not working.

My Rating: 1.5/5

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