Hawkeye Finally Gets a Premiere Date

Hawkeye Series

Upcoming Marvel and Disney+ series Hawkeye has finally been given a first official look, and assigned a November 24, 2021, premier date on Disney+.

The new show will see Jeremy Renner reprise his role as the titular Avenger – aka Clint Barton – from the MCU movie series, and this time he’s joined by protégé Kate Bishop (Hailee Steinfeld), as Marvel continues to introduce fresh faces to the MCU. It’s now been confirmed that the show will start airing from November 24, with new episodes dropping on Wednesdays just like Loki.

In the first look photo (via Entertainment Weekly), we see Clint and Kate conversing while the latter holds a bow, a target in the background suggesting she’s working on her archery skills with Clint as her guide. Teasing their dynamic, Renner told EW: “[Kate is] a 22-year-old kid and she’s a big Hawkeye fan. She has a wonderfully annoying and equally charming manner about her, because she’s such a fangirl of Hawkeye.

“The relationship grows from that, but the biggest problem for Clint is Kate Bishop and the onslaught of problems that she brings into his life.”

jeremy renner hawkeye feat

The star also had a revelation to make about welcoming Steinfeld to the superhero life, adding: “That was always my role. Outside of acting in the thing, I was protecting her and giving her the CliffsNotes on how it goes with this kind of filmmaking: Green screen, superhero life, all that stuff.

“I just wanted to protect her, because there’s a lot of physical stuff. She’s a wonderful actress, a wonderful human, and I can’t wait to see all the cool stuff that she’s able to do.”

Hawkeye wrapped filming earlier this year, with Renner confirming the news at the time on his Instagram page.

You can start Streaming Hawkeye on Disney+ from November 24, 2021.

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