Heads By Bnxn: Owner’s of Buju’s NFT to Be Given Free Pass to His Shows

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Loyalty has got to count for something. Buju has announced via Twitter that owners of his Heads By BNXN (HBB) NFT, artistically written as HeadsbyBnxn, will not be required to purchase tickets to his shows this year.

The Afrofusion sensation made his metaverse debut earlier this year with HBB, which is still available for minting on crypto marketplace OpeanSea.

Although there are still thousands of HBB’s from its original 10,001 units waiting to be minted, Buju’s announcement will likely make the tokens rarer and lead to a spike in price.

buju bnxn for days

As described:

“HeadsByBnxn is a collection of 10,001 Bnxn Heads NFTs—unique digital collectibles on the polygon blockchain. The Bnxn Heads tell a story through the eyes of Award-winning African Musician and creator Bnxn who defies all the odds to be heard on the world stage. Community is an exclusive social club! Access to the membership for the HBB Community comes from the ownership of a HeadsbyBnxn NFT. Membership perks include access to physical and virtual events, participation in a creative community backed by Bnxn himself + unreleased music and special access to the #playspace, A replica of Bnxn’s career in the metaverse”

Benson on Twitter: “Don’t worry about paying for any shows this year if you got the @headsbybnxn NFT 💯 / Twitter”

Don’t worry about paying for any shows this year if you got the @headsbybnxn NFT 💯

You can join the HeadsbyBnxn Social Club on OpeanSea.

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